The Alcohol Intoxication and Cough Problems? 

alcohol  intoxication
The alcohol intoxication is a result of exaggerated consumption of alcohol (intoxicant) drinks, and the same has an adverse effect on the liver, and this organ suffers for a long time period. In worst cases the same can lead to the patient’s death. For this purpose the patient is encouraged to take 40% solution of honey in mild water.

This kind of solution has a positive impact on liver preservation, its development, as well as positive impact on the heart. The same effects on the chemical composition of the alcohol through the sugar fructose or through uniting with the vitamin B which can be found in the honey but in the alcohol oxides that retains in the organism, as well.

When we discuss about cough (as a result of drinking alcohol), the honey bee has some very useful attributes and it heals it effectively. The patient is advised to take one cup of honey melted down with a small spoon of ginger and lemon juice squeezed from one lemon. It is stirred strongly for fifteen minutes and then is used for removal of the hangover. The experts point out as extremely useful when taking just the honey before dinner (regularly).