This is another health problem that causes great difficulties. The constipation that people suffer from can sometimes be caused by dietary or mental status (problems). Well, which is the right remedy that fastens the urge to empty your bowels?

First: the person should drink enough fluids. You should drink at least six glasses of water a day, and it would be good to drink eight glasses per day. Further, we need to take food that contains fiber. An association of American nutritionists advises that every adult takes 20-35 grams of fiber per day.

Second: make some time in a sports game (dealing with a sport). This is extremely beneficial for the heart and intestines.

Third: go for a walk, that is a kind of exercise that helps with constipation problems.

Fourth: You need to go to the bathroom more often and stay in there for about ten minutes. The best time to go to the bathroom is after a meal. Spending time in the bathroom makes the colon to start and perform its function in a natural way.

Fifth: Be careful with the pills for relieving. They fulfill their task, but because of bloating, could adversely affect the intestines, and sometimes exacerbate the problem of constipation.

Sixth: it does not mean that every remedy for relieving is harmful. In terms of artificial remedies for relieving, in most pharmacies can be found the remedies referred to as “natural” or “herbal”, which is basically prepared seeds from musk.

Seventh: from time to time we should interchangeably use remedies that have fast action as the others, if a person suffers from severe constipation. The remedy with the fastest action is a kind of injection which acts on the intestines.

Eighth: take into account the balance between food and drugs we take: there are a number of medications that can cause or exacerbate the problem of constipation, and among them are those who act against the acid in the stomach (heartburn). They include aluminum or calcium. It is the same with remedies for urinating (diuretics) and with an anti-pain remedies (anesthetic).

Ninth: keep certain types of food that causes constipation in some people, even if they don’t have the same effect on other people. Thus, for example, milk can cause a strong constipation in some people, while others can cause diarrhea.

Tenth: Be cautious when taking herbs. There are numerous species of medicinal plants for the treatment of constipation. Among them is the herb with scent the Indian fig (frog, a species of cactus).

What is advised in cases of constipation?

First: in a half glass of water dissolve seven leaves of senna and drink it regularly in the morning and in the evening (one cup).
Second: drink cold juice of tamarind (Indian dates) as a relieving remedy and thinner blood.
Third: take one teaspoon of sesame oil before bedtime.
Fourth: take one tablespoon of olive oil in which is squeezed a juice from half a lemon.