CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification Redefines the Medical Industry
With the healthcare industry experiencing revolutionary developments, it has been estimated that this is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of the world. By 2019, the US government is expected to spend over $4.5 trillion on health care. This is why the Comptia Healthcare IT Technician certification comes as an IT certification that is especially created for the IT industry.

All About the Healthcare IT Technician Certificate

Just as it is with everything else in the world, healthcare is being influenced by the coming in of computers and the internet. More services are getting an electronic renovation. It is more than acquiring health and medical information online, but health records are also being made available online. Through these electronic health backings, it is possible to collect the health records of a person and of whole groups of people. It is possible to share these health records.

According to the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act 2009, electronic health records should be put into use which is one of its primary goals. The HITECH Act offers incentives that allow institutions to take up and implement EHR systems. The government of the US had predicted earlier that over the coming years, the health industry is going to require about 50000 new workers in the health IT sector for the implementation of health records systems in healthcare and medical organizations. It is estimated that the industry will not just experience growth but that the salary will also increase. As of 2012 August, the average salary of IT professionals in the healthcare sector is almost $70000.

Prospects of the Certification

This is the background as to why CompTIA came up with another certification program meant for IT technicians in the healthcare industry. About 84 community colleges through the country are providing classes which address the healthcare roles that are developed by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. If you successfully complete the software or technical support staff course and the implementation support specialist course, you can validate your knowledge.

According to the recommendations of Selftest training, individuals who are interested in the healthcare IT certificate also carry the CompTIA A+ certification that certifies knowledge at the foundation level and skills of PC installation, support, security, networking, maintenance and troubleshooting. You can view the objectives of the examination on the website of the certification. The vouchers are also available through the CompTIA Marketplace. It is a certification which covers the skills and knowledge that is required for implementing, supporting and deploying healthcare IT systems in various kinds of medical settings.

The aim of this professional credential is to hone in the IT professionals who are responsible for maintaining and installing electronic health record systems. One of the reasons as to why CompTIA has come up with this certification is that various firms are getting lots of requests from healthcare professionals and doctors to help them install EHR systems. Value added resellers are provided with extra technical skills and expertise to perform the said jobs.