The method of treatment is very simple, safe, and the results are excellent and no side effects
Hypertensives know very well that the results of high blood pressure is very unpleasant – periodic headaches, palpitations, numbness of fingers and toes, the influx of blood to the head. Of course, there are many pharmacological ways that help normalize blood pressure, but that is not always good for overall health and often have unwanted effects.

However, the Chinese alternative medicine offers a natural solution – the recipe for the treatment of hypertension with the help of iodine!

The method of treatment is very simple, and the results are excellent. This method is absolutely safe and very effective. No adverse effects, except for individuals  non acceptance of iodine. This method is carried out only two times a year, only in March and September and lasts for 10 days and can be practiced throughout life.

The entire treatment is based on the application of iodine along the lines of the body. The treatment is carried out before sleeping, and you need a povidone iodine and earscoop. The swab was dipped in iodine and line the closed line in a certain part of the body, on certain days.


Here’s how to perform this type of treatment:
Days in March, when to draw the line on the body:

1st March and 21st March – left wrist

2nd March and 22nd March – right wrist feet

3rd March and 23rd March – right wrist

March 4th and March 24th – the left ankle joint

5th  March and 25th  March – left shoulder

6th March and 26th March – below the right knee

7 thMarch and 27th March – right shoulder

8th March and 28th March – below the left knee

9th March and 29th March – from left clavicle to the right hip on the back (line does not close)

10 March and 30 March – of the right clavicle to the left hip (line does not close)

From 11 March to 20 March a break.
The same treatment carried out and in September:
1 September and 21 September – left wrist

2 September and 22 September – right wrist feet

3 September and 23 September – right wrist

4 September and 24 September – the left ankle joint

September 5 and September 25 – left shoulder

September 6 and September 26 – below the right knee

7 September and 27 September – right shoulder

September 8 and September 28 – below the left knee

September 9 and September 29 – from left clavicle to the right hip on the back (a line not to close)

September 10 and September 30 – of the right clavicle to the left hip (line not to close)

From 11 September to 20 September – pause.

Note: All lines are drawn horizontally closed line (for example, if you coat your ankle joint, make a full circle horizontally around the wrist), except for the breast on which the swab dipped in iodine moves diagonally.