Difficulties on which nursing mothers are exposed

There are many problems encountered by the mother during breastfeeding, which are related to the amount of milk that the child takes and duration of the milk production. Furthermore, difficulties arise in the lactating breasts, which is, again, due to breastfeeding… How to solve these problems in a natural way?

First: when it comes to solving health problems which face breastfeeding women due to the milk production, it must do the following:
- Eat more arugula and halva,
- Eat grinded fenugreek sweetened with honey,
- Eat more fish and seafood,
-Drink tea made from anise seed.

Second: for the treatment of the nipples, it is necessary to do the following:

- Make cream from the juice of sour twigs of herbaceous plants (which have succulent leaves) and with that douche the nipples several times a day,

- In a glass of water to put one tablespoon of thyme and let it boil. Douche the nipples and then cover them with almond oil.