Keep Your Sanity: Sprouts-THE SOURCE OF LIFE

sprout 02
In all the scientific medicine, from its earliest times, there is a thesis that the reasons for each illness lie in the wrong way of nutrition. The best proof for this is the fact that our modern civilization uses the nutritional substances that are so necessary for our system less and less. The thermo-balanced and processed food that we eat nowadays lacks vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which on the other hand offer proper use of the carbon hydrates, albumens and greases.

Whether we like it or not, very bad consequences must be suffered by this un-healthy way of life through the food. We grow old much too soon, our immunity system gets weakened and we face with many serious illnesses in our modern civilization such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and weight problems.

There is still one thing we can do to prevent these diseases. The answer to the question -How to do it is simple-if we start using the sprouts which means food with extremely bio-chemical composition and high quality.
Many researches had been made and it always proves the same-that our system uses much better vitamins and minerals from the sprouts, rather than the vitamins and minerals from pharmaceutical preparations.

Maybe you’ll be surprised to find out that even the ancient Chinese people were using the sprouts as medicaments even 5000 years ago, since they knew the healing effect of the sprouts. The Chinese people had brought the sprouts to the American continent when they inhabited there, in Europe they are something new for the people living on this continent, and in some regions they are almost unknown at all. The sprouts can be found in the animal world as food, too.

The nutrition and healing characteristics of the sprouts are very familiar to many people in the world. One of the secrets of long life is if you consume corn sprouts in your food list, as well as green beans in your everyday food schedule. This is a very positive thing for people with scurvy.