Blueberry cake
blueberry cake
If you want to make a blueberry cake you should take

This is needed for the batter.

200 grams (7 oz ) of butter,

400 grams  (14 oz ) of flour,

9 spoons of cold (frozen) water and a little salt.

This is needed for the filling.

150 grams  (5.3 oz ) of almonds,

100 grams  (3.5 oz ) of sugar,

500 grams  (17.7 oz ) of blueberries,

3 yolks and 3 whites

You should take a fork and stir the flour, the butter and the salt and turn them into crumbs, then add the very cold/ frozen water and knead all this, in order to get one bigger and one smaller crust with 0,5 cm thickness. Then you take a big round mold and you put the bigger crust on it and it must protrude over the edge for 1 cm. The curst must be jabbed with the fork several times.

The yolk should be stirred along with the sugar and the white should be stirred in order to become foam and then it should be fused with the yolk. At the end you must mix all this with the blueberry and the almond. This mass mixture should be put over the crusts and the put the smaller crust on top of it. The edges of the upper and down batter should be amalgamated in on in a zigzag form, with your fingers. The cake must be baked for 30 to 40 minutes, and it is important to know that at the start it must be baked on higher temperature (220ºC = 428ºF), while afterwards on lower temperature (i.e.180ºC = 356ºF).