The honey when used as cure has an extraordinary effect on the skin if mixed with milk. The same is very useful for on the skin’s flexibility and the white color (complexion/ hue of the skin).
Some patients take some honey and warm it, then they add some almond, peach and apricot and at the end they use it for the arm’s skin flexibility. Some patients, on the other hand, use another mixture that has the same purpose. The same is being made of honey bee, yolk and almond oil. The honey can be also used for curing treatment of cracked lips and skin.

The patient with such problems should take 30 grams of honey, 15 ml after shave and 30 ml of lemon juice. This product is used as a cream for treatment of scaling skin (lips). When the honey is mixed with glycerin and lemon juice, many people considered it as the best option for treatment of burns that are provoked by excessive exposure on sunbeams and then it soothes and revitalizes the skin.

There is a product composed of useful substances for the facial scarf skin/ epidermis on the face, as well as for removal of harmful substances from it. This product consists of the ingredients such as: 15 ml saffron extract, 100 grams honey and 25 ml pure alcohol.

All these substances should be melted down until the preparation becomes liquid and then the patient should clean the face by using a piece scarf damped in olive oil. A thin layer of the preparation should be put on the face and left like that for fifteen minutes. After that the same should be cleaned with mild water, and a thin layer of powder should be put on the face at the very end of this procedure.

When the honey is melted down in the water, the same can whiten the skin complexion/ hue of the skin. Many substances should be used for this purpose, among which the patients are most often using:

20 grams of borax,

50 grams of honey,

150 ml of pure alcohol,

780 grams of destillated (filtered) water,

8 drops of orange oil, 

8 drops of ginger extract.

The patients are advised to use this product in the same way as the above mentioned receipt.