Fruit Salad Into Watermelon

When you know the summer arrives, you think of what is more refreshing than the fruit salad? The experts in this field suggest to try making the interesting fruit salad into watermelon.

The ingredients which are needed are:

1 watermelon,

200 g  (7 oz)  raspberries,

200 g  (7 oz)  strawberries,

200 g   (7 oz) of brambles,

100 g    (3.5  oz) of  blueberries,

vanilla sugar,

70 g  (2.5  oz)  of sugar powder,

Lemon juice or rum,

Whipping cream or chocolate glaze.

First cut the watermelon on 2 halves and decorate the edges. Take the intern part out with a knife and clean it from the seeds. Then put the fruits inside, add the vanilla sugar, the sugar powder and some lemon juice or rum. Put it in the fridge and leave it to get cold. Add the whipping cream and the chocolate glaze and enjoy in this refreshing salad.