At Last… A Yoghurt Diet

The breakfast, before-noon and afternoon snacks are the same every single day, and the lunch and dinner are differing. The dinner mustn’t be consumed later than 19 o’clock. During the day you should drink per 2 liters of water, or tea or some natural lemonade. You should also do some exercise for 30 minutes every day.

For the breakfast you need to take 150-200 ml of yoghurt (or one glass) with a spoon of cereals.

The before-noon snack should be consisted of a glass of yoghurt and fruit according to the wishes.

Regarding the afternoon snack take just 1 glass of yoghurt.

Day 1

Regarding the first day, for lunch you’d better take baked or broiled potato with some spice,50 g of  broiled beef meat, broiled broccoli overflow with 2 spoons of yoghurt, and for dinner you should take the same as the lunch, but without the meat and with a glass of yoghurt.

Day 2

The second day the schedule should be as following:

for lunch you need to take mixed salad with 50 g of tuna, the same should be overflow with yoghurt, vinegar and some salt,

for dinner  you should take cream soup made of asparagus and 1 yoghurt for dinner.

Day 3

When talking about the third day, fruit salad overflow with yoghurt spiced according to the wishes with sweetleaf, sweet leaf, sugarleaf (Stevia rebaudiana) should be taken for lunch, and a banana overflow with yoghurt, 2 spoons of sweet cream should be taken for dinner.