Guaranteed Results From the Apricot Diet

This is perfect diet for anyone who loves apricot. Even the doctors often recommend it because of the many useful substances in it. This diet lasts 1 to 3 days. The preparation is very simple: take 500 g of apricot and squeeze it, then mix it with 300 grams of dry apricots cut in small slices. The mass should be eaten in 1 day. The apricot juice must be fresh squeezed, not bought from a store. You can even make a mask from the rest of the apricot-perfect for the face and hands. People can lose weight after just several days after using this diet.

The dry apricot brings fresh breath, and they have laxative and anti-inflammatory effect. They are good for high pressure and liver problems. On the other hand the dry apricot has a lot of sugar and they are not recommended for people with diabetes. This is the maximum apricot quantity for entering into the system, and this is the limit. If you exceed, some allergies can come up, some digestion hardships and some other uncomfortable things.

The apricot strengthens the immunity, and the same supplies the needed quantity of the vitamin A which is good even for the hair, nails and skin, too.

The dry apricots are full of calcium, and the same are good for people with anemia.

You can take this diet every month in order to have good health and for the good looking. People of all ages can use it, since there are no negative effects from it. The regular apricot consummation-not as a diet-is recommended for the pregnant women.