JUVENILE ACNEusually appear during puberty, as a result of the malfunction of the sebaceous glands.

The juvenile acne treatment is very effective if using honey in the way by applying a mask of pure honey, alcoholic solution of 30% Propolis and oral usage of honey.

1. Masks of pure honey – before applying the mask, the affected area rinse it well with warm water and soap, and then apply a thin layer of honey. After an hour wash the skin with warm water only. This procedure can be repeated twice a day, and the treatment lasts about fifteen days.

2. The alcoholic solution of 30% Propolis is used for smearing the skin. The treatments last until healing.

3. During the treatment it is recommended to take the honey orally, for boys can be combined with pollen (500 g of honey and 100 g of pollen), and for girls with royal jelly (500 g of honey and 1 g of royal jelly). The treatment with these methods gives better results than the treatment with other medications.