During the winter months the body usually has a tendency to increase the accumulation of fatty deposits, which largely contributes to reduced physical activity and caloric foods. With the first warm days usually become aware of critical areas – stomach, thighs, buttocks … Instead of thinking how to problem areas “mask” by clothing, bringing you the perfect drink that combined with regular physical activity helps in fat loss.


4 teaspoons of apple vinegar
4 pinches of chili, paprika
4 lemons juice and peel

Grate lemon peel and pour with four glasses (1000ml) of boiling water. After ten minutes, add the lemon juice, vinegar and paprika. Stir before each sip and drink before and after each meal.

Ground pepper helps digestion, metabolism and stimulates fat burning. Specifically, its ingredient, capsaicin, stimulates the nervous system that produces heat in the body which promotes the accelerated consumption of calories.

Lemon contains compounds that slow deposition of fat, and its bark contains policosanol, a compound that helps burn fat deposited.

Apple cider, or his regularly consuming in moderate quantities, helps the decomposition of fat.