A receipt originating from our grandmothers-cherry stalks as cure! Check this out!

cherry stalks
Here we will get some memories on the good old folk medicine that all of us must have heard from the grandmothers. You most probably have seen –even as a child while visiting the old grandmother and grandfather of yours-cherry stalks how are put in a row on the window in order to get dried.

Actually it is a word of an old folk tea made of cherry stalks which was used from ancient times, when there were no modern medicines at all. You need to collect the cherry stalks during the cherry season, and then to put them in a row on some paper and to spread them as more as possible in order to get dry well.  After drying them for couple of days the stalks should be put some place dry and then according to the needs they should be used for tea.

The portion which should be used for the tea preparation is 1 handful of the stalks on 33.8 oz (1 liter) of water. The stalks must be damped into water, cooked for several minutes and then leave them with the lid on for 1 hour.

Filter the mass and drink the tea during the entire day, in several sips. The apply of this tea is first of all curing some urinary problems and infections. The tea will help you in case you have some kidney inflammation or some urinary channel problem, tie-up of the urine and some rocks in the kidneys.  This tea should be drunk every day per 33.8 oz (1 liter) until the problems don’t disappear. Among people the most used purpose of this tea was for the mentioned urinary problems when there were no biotic or modern chemical cures.

Nevertheless, that’s not the only reason for using this tea. The experts in the folk medicine also recommend it for problems with impotence, bronchial phlegm, (mucus) and it was also efficient for stopping the diarrhea. For these hardships the tea is prepared and consumed on the same way as for urinary problems. If you trust our old grandmothers or grandfathers, then take their advice and get dry the cherry pedicles. Then try using them as an ingredient for preparation of the healing tea.

The stalks can be used both fresh and dried, and before damping them into water and preparing the tea cut them in as smaller as possible pieces in order for the same to let go more useful ingredients as possible.