Treatment of weak and dry hair

A large number of men and women have problems with weak and dry hair. This is caused by the frequent usage of fan and frequent washing. Moreover, it is often used a color and hair lacquers, and various electrical appliances (hair straightening). How can you restore your hair in its previous natural state (appearance)?

The head of an average person has about a hundred and fifty thousand hairs which are very similar. When one of them becomes dry, all become dry. Sometimes we wish to hear a hundred and fifty thousand hairs, fissured at the ends, cry out: “Cut us! Cut us!” If in this case we decide to cut, we must do the following:

First: use a shampoo and wash your hair every day. The shampoo not only removes dirt but also removes the natural grease secreted by the body and also protects the hair. If the hair is too dry due to the use of excessive amounts of shampoo, then it needs to rest and reduce the number of washings. Further, we need to use smaller amounts of shampoo (for dry and damaged hair).

Second: when your hair is dry, use a conditioner. The conditioner works gently on the hair and removes the harmful effects of aesthetic appliances and everything else that leads to its damage.

Third: uses large amounts of mayonnaise. It is one of the best conditioners. It is advisable to put a cream on the hair based on eggs and let it stay for five minutes to one hour before the hair is washed.
Fourth: cut off the split ends of the hair. In most cases, the hair cracks on the ends. Then you have to cut off the split ends every six weeks.

Fifth: the hair should be dried without the use of (artificial) heat (i.e. without using a fan), because the heat is the reason for the dried hair and leads to dryness of hair. The two most common sources of intense heat are the hair dryer (artificial heat) and the hair straightening appliance.

Sixth: the hair needs to be protected from harmful natural influences. The strong wind makes the hair cracks (fissured hair) same as it breaks and bends the stalks of wheat. Also, the sun affects the hair in a bad way.

Seventh: do not go for a swim without a cap for the head. Moreover, it is good before swimming to apply olive oil on your hair as an additional form of protection.

Eighth: there is another product which is called an exotic mixture. It is used by the Hollywood stars that have problems with the fissured hair. Grind an old banana which has gone black and add a fresh avocado. This product gives the hair a number of nutrients, nourishes and strengthens it. Apply it to the hair and leave it for fifteen minutes, and then wash your hair.