Formula for Perfect Nails Care

nails are rough smooth and pink
The hand care includes the nail care, too. The nails are some kind of tiles that consists of epidermal cells. The nail grows from the root which is located on the basis of the basically lodge nail. The nail contexture and its external look mainly depend on the nutritive substances that come along to the nails by the bloodstream and from the neural system influence. The healthy nail grows around 0,1 mm a day, 3-4 times less than our hair. The nail is completely changing for 5 months. If the same is not cut, it can come to the length of 40 cm.

The healthy nails are rough, smooth and pink. If the nails become rugged, if they change the color and start breaking, and layers appear for them, this can be manifestation of metabolic changes in the system or disease of some internal organs. If these changes are constantly present you must go to a doctor.

You should understand the reason for the thickness, roughness, fragility and splitting nails first. This might be the influence of the chemical means, resins, solvents and paint with which you work in the manufacturing, or some other means of the domestic chemistry or that can be a result of the long keeping the hands in water.

The yellowish color of the nails can appear when you use some bad nail polish. The white stains can appear as a result of a trauma, when bubbles of air appear in the nail. In case of inflammatory process in the nail box, transverse or longitudinal grooves can appear on the nail surface.

The beautiful nails are considered as a magnificent gift of nature, but the ugly nails can become nice with proper and constant care. The cuticles that grow on the nail basis should be cleansed with a bone cleaner polish. The hands should be washed with hot water first in order for the cuticles to become soft. The nail surface should be buffed by rubbing the inner side with lemon crust. The filth under the nails should be cleansed with blunt accessories since you can get hurt by using a sharp one. If you prepare for work in the garden then scratch fingertips piece of soap trying to get it under the nails. This way the filth couldn’t come inside.

The biggest deficiency of the nails is their brittleness. One of the reasons for the brittleness can be the lack of the Vitamins A and D.

The brittleness can appear as a result of often laundry, often use of nail polish, often use of acetone in order to take the nail polish off.