9 Things We Need to Pay Attention for Healthy Cooking

Even though we prefer to eat outside from time to time, we cook most of our meals ourselves. This is a very important issue for someone on a diet, since they know how the meals are cooked and what ingredients are used in their preparation.
healthy pots
Nearly all experts agree that besides the meal itself, the preparation of it is also a very important issue. These are the things to consider:

1. Do not use teflon cookware due to the carcinogenic effects.
teflon no
2. Aluminum or copper cookware can cause poisoning if used constantly.
Aluminum or copper cookware
3. Clay pots (the traditional ones), glass or ceramic cookware is healthy.

4. Use low heat while cooking your meals even if you make fries so the formation of trans fats is avoided and the nutritional values are preserved.

5. Instead of using margarine, sunflower oil and canola oil, use natural stuff (homegrown oils) like butter oil and olive oil (try to use extra virgin). Butter oil is known for not being converted into trans fat easily.
Olive Oil
6. Be careful not to burn the food while cooking fries or barbecue. Do not eat the burnt parts of the food.

7. Do not puree your meals using blender or food processor. The nutritional values are lowered and the cell structure of the food is breaks up while grinding.

8. Always keep the food refrigerated. If the food has started to mold, do not ever think of eating it.

9. Since hygiene is very important, do not use the same board for chopping your veggies and meat.