Treatment of problems with large intestine

A large number of people of different ages suffer from problems with cancer of the colon  that arise due to improper diet. How can this be treated in a proper way?

First: take fifty grams of thyme, fifty grams of camomile, twenty-five grams of dill and twenty-five grams of mint, grind it and put it in a water in a glass jar. Take one teaspoon before each meal, with a little water.

Second: in equal proportion are mixed dried dill, coriander, camomile flowers, thyme, anise, senna (cassia), basil and cumin flowers. Everything is fine grinded and then drink it as a tea in the morning and after dinner.

Treatment of small intestine inflammation

How can you treat the inflammation of the small intestine (enteritis)?
Cook half a teaspoon of marjoram for one minute in two cups of water. Every day takes one cup, in ten separate doses.
sweet marjoram