Cracked Feet Treatment

cracked feet

Onions. After the hot bath in which 2 spoons of salt is added put onion overlay on the heels. Grind onion, tie it on the heels and keep it for the night. Wash the heels up in the morning, cleaning them detailed with heel’s rock and spread  greasy cream on it. This treatment should be repeated for 2-3 times.

Cabbage. Instead the onions, you can use grinded cabbage leaves.

Goose fat. If the increased skin dryness is the reason for the cracks-because of lack of the vitamin A, you need to use greasy cream with the vitamin A and lubricate the heels with goose fat.

For coarse and cracked heel you should make soap-salted bath every day in the evening, and when the skin swells the coarse parts should be scraped with heel’s rock, while the small cracks should be processed with milfoil juice. Afterwards you should rub a tincture made of St. John’s wort flowers and sunflower oil (2 parts of the flower an 4 parts of the oil, leave it like that for 3 weeks)