Health problems with the heart

The following plants relieve and/or treat the heart problems:

Onion and garlic: if you take garlic, in any way (raw or cooked), it cleans the arteries and remove the harmful deposits in them. In addition, it also acts by regulating (reducing) the cholesterol levels and reduces the high blood pressure. Consuming onion, also, reduces the cholesterol levels. Both types of vegetables reduce the risk of blood clots in the blood vessels;

Lemon: vitamin C and other substances found in the lemon juice. These substances strengthen the walls and the tracts of the blood vessels, which reduces the risk of clogged arteries (arteriosclerosis) and the occurrence of health problems with the blood vessels;
Carrots: an American clinical nutrition study mentioned that taking fresh carrot does not help (do not strengthen the heart or the blood vessels), so it should be used only because it contains a large amount of fiber. It only helps in purifying the body of excess fat and lowers the cholesterol levels. Experts say that taking two carrots a day with dinner, for a period of three weeks, lowers the cholesterol by 11%;
Brewer’s yeast: the chrome is one of the minerals that are vital for the body. It is believed that the lack of these substances sometimes leads to stinging in the chest, because it operates at the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood so it increases the levels of beneficial cholesterol. Keep in mind that this thing is in the brewer’s yeast in large quantities, it is recommended for people who have problems with high cholesterol or stinging in the chest to take 1-2 tablespoons of brewer’s yeast daily, adding it in a glass of milk.