Festering fingers(panaritium)

A chamomile bath that would take half an hour should be done several times a day. Then a clay into a bandage should be put on the spot, under which the finger needs to be lubricated with an abscess oil.

A garlic needs to be cooked in a milk and then wash the finger in this liquor for half an hour.

If the finger festers, then an overlay made of flax seed should be put on it. If an ulcer appears afterwards, the finger needs to be washed in a chamomile tea. At the end you should put St. John’s wort oil as an overlay.

Pimpernel (Pimpinella)Burnet Saxifrage, marsh mallow (Althaea officinalis), fern root  and elder flowers (Sambucus nigra), mixed with an equal quantity, is the best cure for these afflictions. In half a liter cold apple cider vinegar(or white wine) dilutes 15 grams of the herbal mixture and leave it like that for the night, while the next day put it on fire while it starts boiling. When the herbal wine becomes a little mild-warm, put your afflicted finger in it and keep it like that for half an hour, and then put a chalk powder and put on the wound, then tie it with a cotton cloth.