Cataract and glaucoma

Cataract and glaucoma
The glaucoma is not only eye disease. It comes from the kidney, and along with it there are rheumatism afflictions and afflictions in the wrists. From mixture of the same parts of a nettle, speedwell Veronica, marigold and horsetail Equisetum arvense you need to drink 2 to 3 cups of the tea each day. The bigger effect can be made if you pick up all these herbs raw.

Let’s get back to the glaucoma-an Equisetum arvense (horsetail) bath is very important here the disrupted kidney transfers the pressure up, in the eyes. The eye-pressure gets lowered when using an Equisetum arvense bath. You need 100 grams of dried or (or approximately half a bucket which means 2,5 liters) of fresh herbs which is put into a cold water during the night. The next day it is heated, filtered and then you add bathing water with balanced temperature. The bathing lasts for 20 minutes. During the bath you can add hot water in order to keep the same temperature. The room should be cozy heated. During the bath water covers the kidneys, and the heart should be over the water.  You should not rub after bathing but stay in the steam for an hour more in a previously heated bed. The same water but heated can be used two times more.

A receipt for steaming bath for the eyes-preparation

20 grams Eyebright, Eyewort Euphrasia officinalis
20 grams valerian Valeriana officinalis
10 grams of Verbena, Holy Herb, Herb of Grace, Enchanter’s Plant, Herb of the Cross Verbena officinalis
30 grams elderflower Sambucus nigra blossoms
20 grams chamomile

All this should be mixed well. Five big spoons of the mixture to be overflowing with half a liter of white wine heated to the temperature of boiling. The steam should be effective on closed eyes.

It would be the best if you put the wine in a bottle and to put a small quantity every time you prepare the steam bath.

This bath can be prepared only by Eyebright, Eyewort Euphrasia officinalis but the power would be much smaller. If you use this kind of a bath and the situation of your eyes gets worse it is a sign that you had used far bigger dose than the recommended. For one cup you need to take maximum half a coffee-spoon of the herb and leave it in water for a short while. The same can be used just once.