Arthritis healing

It is also called royal disease and often occurs in people who eat a great quantity of red meat. It is a disease that occurs as a consequence of the disorder in the process of nucleic acidsĀ  (i.e. Those included in the composition of the sheath cells) and nucleic proteins. This disease causes strong pains in the joints and results in the following:
-Increased concentration of urea acid in the blood
-Making crystal clusters of sodium in the cartilage and the joints, and the sodium cannot be dissolved in water.

It is confirmed that healing can be done by restoring nucleic proteins in the normal nutrition. This requires taking different types of herbs such as: solution of the black seed with dill and other medicinal herbs. This product has confirmed useful effects on the regulation of nutrients that allows the absorption of these proteins.

Healing joints inflammation
We take a water solution of two grams Aronia leaves, two gramsĀ cherry leaves, two grams marjoram and two grams laurel leaves. This drink is taken in the morning and in the evening.

Healing rheumatism
A water solution of three grams rosemary, two grams thyme, two grams Aronia leaves with a honey bee. This product is taken in the morning.