First week

Making a plan

Get rid of all kinds of fats and oils, with exception of olive oil.
Olive Oil

Get rid of all kinds non-naturally produced and unnecessary fats.
Get rid of all industrial processing.
Get rid of all products which contain non-natural substances.
To know how much fats contains everything we eat, especially what contains saturated fats.


Start the meal with some fresh vegetables, especially the one you like.

Provide to eat fish, salmon and sardine at least once or two times in this week, because this food contains omega 3 fatty acids that are very important for the organism and helps to reduce the fats level in the blood, have anti-inflammatory influence and speed the process of tissue healing.
cat fish


Should take 1000 – 2000 mg vitamin C with the meals, i.e. with lunch and dinner from natural sources, because the vitamin C helps in the building of strong connective tissues and also helps for quick wounds healing.
vitamin c orange lemon


Try to walk ten minutes normal walk every day.
If you go to a certain aerobics program , then the walk can be added to it.

Spiritual and mental dimension

Start practicing relaxation and breathing exercises for five minutes a day. They are composed of:
Sit in some comfortable place, straight the back and look ahead, put on comfortable clothing that is not tight;
Concentrate yourself on the breathing, deep breath through the nose and exhale through the mouth, completely relax each organ, focus yourself on body, mind and soul relaxation.
Compulsory visit gardens or green places, and in case you do not find such places then you can go to places with flowers of nice shape and smell.


It is observed that oils from green herbs contain many unsaturated fats, that oxidize when put in a beam and that is why they are spoiled, but not the olive oil that contains some unsaturated fatty acids and olive acid that is to some degree resistant to spoilage and oxidation. It is useful for the organism in comparison with many saturated and unsaturated fats. Due to its properties the olive oil does not provoke heart diseases and cancer.

Olive Oil