First week

Making a plan

Get rid of all kinds of fats and oils, with exception of olive oil.
Olive Oil

Get rid of all kinds non-naturally produced and unnecessary fats.

Get rid of all industrial processing.

Get rid of  all products which contain non-natural substances.

To know how much fats contains everything we eat, especially what contains saturated fats.


Start the meal with some fresh vegetables, especially the one you like.

Provide to eat fish, salmon and sardine at least once or two times in this week, because this food contains omega 3 fatty acids that are very important for the organism and helps to reduce the fats level in the blood, have anti-inflammatory influence and speed the process of tissue healing.
cat fish


Should take 1000 – 2000 mg vitamin C with the meals, i.e. with lunch and dinner from natural sources, because the vitamin C helps in the building of strong connective tissues and also helps for quick wounds healing.
vitamin c orange lemon



Try to walk ten minutes normal walk every day.

If you go to a certain aerobics program , then the walk can be added to it.

Spiritual and mental dimension

Start practicing relaxation and breathing exercises for five minutes a day. They are composed of:

Sit in some comfortable place, straight the back and look ahead, put on comfortable clothing       that is not tight;

Concentrate yourself on the breathing, deep breath through the nose and exhale through the mouth, completely relax each organ, focus yourself on body, mind and soul relaxation.

Compulsory visit gardens or green places, and in case you do not find such places then you can go to places with flowers of nice shape and smell.


It is observed that oils from green herbs contain many unsaturated fats, that oxidize when put in a beam and that is why they are spoiled, but not the olive oil that contains some unsaturated fatty acids and olive acid that is to some degree resistant to spoilage and oxidation. It is useful for the organism in comparison with many saturated and unsaturated fats. Due to its properties the olive oil does not provoke heart diseases and cancer.
Olive Oil

Second week


Once more during  this week you should eat fish (at least two times) with broccoli and cauliflower.
cat fishbroccolicauliflower

Try to consume more cereals in the meals. It is observed that the best possible way to take a  higher quantity of fibers is by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
fresh fruits and vegetables

Try to eat soya products because it contains isoflavone that prevents the organism from cancer and also from the bad functioning of the joints.
soya products

Replace the green tea with an ordinary tea.

It is observed that the smallest rate of people suffering breast cancer is in China and Japan because there the women have a habit to eat natural food,  that does not contain the hormone estrogen which is given to the animals in order to accelerate their growth.

When those women will consume meat that contains estrogen, than the number of women suffering breast cancer will increase as it is the case in America.

In China and Japan women that eat natural products have less problems in the menopause, and it is due to the natural products that contain natural phytostrogen found in the herbs. It provides protection from the synthetic estrogen and breast cancer in the menopause.

Reducing the caffeine quantity found in the coffee, the coca-cola and other drinks.


Begin with taking carotene from the chickpeas, for dinner (glass of juice, the extract of chickpeas) that the organism provides 2500 units beta-carotene + 2000 carotene.
chick pea


Keep with walking and add five minutes more to the aerobic.

Spiritual dimension

Visit places you like or some place you do not know and pass as much time as you can there.

Try in one day from  this week not to read and watch TV, not to hear  any news and to be just with yourself.

Keep to perform exercises of breathing for five minutes every day and increase them for 30-60 exhalation every day. Continue with breathing exercises by first deep breath from the nose and exhale from the mouth.

It was noted that the ordinary tea contains a substance sijufilin, which a substance found in a great quantity in the coffee. That is why to try replacing the green tea with it. It is recommended to drink once or two times a day.

In case of necessity to drink ordinary tea or coffee, try to replace them with another that do not contain caffeine, because in high quantities it affects the coronary arteries and the heart.

This is a story of a woman who taught musics. She says that her vision improved after she has used this eight weeks  program. Also, she says that in the second week she took chickpeas in its natural form or its fresh juice. During those days her vision problems were noticeably reduced, and tortured her for 3-4 years. This was also confirmed by her ophthalmologist.

Third week

This week’s program is relied on:

Fresh fruits and vegetables, removing fruits and vegetables that contain some chemical substances, i.e. to keep only to what is naturally grown.

Keeping away from the source of radiation during this week, only in case of necessity to pass more time on computers, and also keeping away from usage of everything that have a hazardous effect on the vision or to protect from ultraviolet radiation.


Try with one or more meals this week to take an additional quantity of fruits and vegetables.

Compulsory eat fish two times this week.

Compulsory take some soya food or bean instead of meat, at least once this week.


With meals it is compulsory to take 400-800 units of vitamin E and 200-300micrograms selenium.


Increase walking for twenty minutes, with aerobics, every day, or one day walking for  twenty minutes, and the next day aerobics.

To introduce a few more exercises to reduce downtime, and the increased mobility of the body.

Spiritual dimension

Try two times during this week to meet your friends or relatives with whom  you feel satisfied and happy.

Try one day in this week to find time for yourself and to do what you like, do not hear any news (on TV).

Relax for eight minutes during the day, with closed eyes, relax all organs, breath through the nose, exhale through the mouth and do not move. Relaxation can be increased to ten minutes.

Vegetables during the week

Garlic (all kinds)


A few spoons olive oil

Green leaves (for example: salad or arugula)

Kilo green bean

Eight pieces tomatoes

One big potato

One full cup mushrooms

Four full cups cereals such as: wheat, rye, white bean, lentils

Six pods green pepper


Every day half kilo diverse fruits.


400-800 units of vitamin E every day

300 micrograms selenium every day

It is because these two elements together have ideal effect as an antioxidants. Also, should be added regular usage of vitamin C and carotene in the vegetables i.e. chickpeas.


Fourth week


We should give a special attention to the relaxation with sleeping, prepare everything needed and make the place for sleeping, see if there is something uncomfortable or any stone or what lese that is disturbing. Try to make the most comfortable place.

Try to provide an uninterrupted source of fresh beam in the bedroom. If you can not do it, then regularly get up and  ventilate the room and sleep enough time.

Be careful that the sleeping during the day does not affect the night sleeping.


During this week compulsory take a bigger quantity of white garlic.

During this week replace at least two meat meals with proteins of soya.


Increase the aerobics and walking to 25 minutes a day, five days a week.

Spiritual dimension

Continue with the breathing exercises, increase their duration in the day because this improves the spiritual,  physical and intellectual condition.

Read and go with people who take care of their health and want to heal from some diseases, to be quickly health and help them with that.


Fifth week


Try to provide yourself a steam bath or go to a spa. Do it for twenty minutes one day in the week, drink enough quantity of liquids to supplement the loss of the same.


Continue with the old way of nutrition, pay attention on the green tea, marjoram, colored vegetables and fruits, eat meat once in this week.


Increase the training duration to thirty minutes, five days in the week.

Spiritual dimension

Continue breath exercises and relaxation every day.

Spend time in the gardens with greens or your favorite flowers.

Sixth week


Bathing on steam or spa bathing two times in this week.


Several times increase the consumption of fish (generally) and tune.


Increase the training and the time spent in the nature to forty minutes for five days in the week.

Spiritual dimension

Continue the breathing exercises and relaxation.

Continue meeting with friends and relatives.

Relaxation in gardens.

Seventh week


Do  something good this week such as visiting the hospital, helping a friend or a neighbor.

Continue to  steam bathing or spa bathing in duration of twenty minutes.


Continue with the previous way of nutrition.


Increase exercising and walking for additional five minutes, five days in the week.

Spiritual dimension

Increase breathing exercises and relaxation to two times a day, each time for five minutes.

Do what that makes  you satisfied.

Eighth week


Complete the process with changing food intake or the way you did it, make it suitable and keep practicing it.

In the same way repeat  this program in the next eight weeks.


Maybe you have noticed the positive effects of practicing this way of nutrition on your health and organism.


Continue to take carotene from the chickpeas and the white garlic for increasing of oxidation and prevention of getting older.

Increase the consumption of omega 3 acid, because of the fat regulation in the blood.

Continue to use olive oil, colored vegetables and fruits, for prevention of cancers and increasing the ability for healing (wound healing).

Continue with the green tea and the marjoram.

Training Increase the training for one hour, five days in the week.

Spiritual dimension

Continue with breathing exercises and relaxation.

Keep away from places and people that annoy you and go on the nerves.