Second week


Once more during  this week you should eat fish (at least two times) with broccoli and cauliflower.
cat fishbroccolicauliflower

Try to consume more cereals in the meals. It is observed that the best possible way to take a  higher quantity of fibers is by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
fresh fruits and vegetables

Try to eat soya products because it contains isoflavone that prevents the organism from cancer and also from the bad functioning of the joints.
soya products

Replace the green tea with an ordinary tea.

It is observed that the smallest rate of people suffering breast cancer is in China and Japan because there the women have a habit to eat natural food,  that does not contain the hormone estrogen which is given to the animals in order to accelerate their growth.

When those women will consume meat that contains estrogen, than the number of women suffering breast cancer will increase as it is the case in America.

In China and Japan women that eat natural products have less problems in the menopause, and it is due to the natural products that contain natural phytostrogen found in the herbs. It provides protection from the synthetic estrogen and breast cancer in the menopause.

Reducing the caffeine quantity found in the coffee, the coca-cola and other drinks.


Begin with taking carotene from the chickpeas, for dinner (glass of juice, the extract of chickpeas) that the organism provides 2500 units beta-carotene + 2000 carotene.
chick pea


Keep with walking and add five minutes more to the aerobic.

Spiritual dimension

Visit places you like or some place you do not know and pass as much time as you can there.

Try in one day from  this week not to read and watch TV, not to hear  any news and to be just with yourself.

Keep to perform exercises of breathing for five minutes every day and increase them for 30-60 exhalation every day. Continue with breathing exercises by first deep breath from the nose and exhale from the mouth.

It was noted that the ordinary tea contains a substance sijufilin, which a substance found in a great quantity in the coffee. That is why to try replacing the green tea with it. It is recommended to drink once or two times a day.

In case of necessity to drink ordinary tea or coffee, try to replace them with another that do not contain caffeine, because in high quantities it affects the coronary arteries in the heart.

This is a story of a woman who taught musics. She says that her vision improved after she has used this eight weeks  program. Also, she says that in the second week she took chickpeas in its natural form or its fresh juice. During those days her vision problems were noticeably reduced, and tortured her for 3-4 years. This was also confirmed by her ophthalmologist.