psiholog1All the people in the course of life are faced with difficult situations. Grief, loss and stress are part of life, and in most situations we ourselves have to deal with emotions. However, sometimes we need professional help, but often do not know how to discern when it is time to do it. . Check is the right time to seek professional help.

Everything you feel is with high intensity

All of us sometimes feel anger or sadness, but the question is how often and how intensely. If you do it often happens that the strength of their feelings can not perform normal daily activities, it can be a sign that you have an underlying problem. Another thing to note is to  . imagine that things are worse than they are . Do you often happens that the small problems immediately create a disaster in your head? When you encounter a problem, do you immediately imagine the worst possible scenario? These are all signs of anxiety, and it would be  the best to consult a psychologist.

You have survived trauma, and you can not stop thinking about it

The pain of losing one’s neighbor, termination or failure to obtain can often lead to problems, for which you will need professional help. People often think that the feelings of sadness and pain eventually go away by itself, but it is not always the case. The pain of loss can disrupt your daily life, and even compel you to withdraw from a friend. On the other hand, the traumatic experience to some people is the opposite, and they suddenly start to go out, get drunk and have trouble sleeping. If you notice that your daily activities and relationships with people changed since you lived through this painful experience, it would be best to stop trying alone to deal with the pain, and seek help.