Cough, bronchitis and asthma

In the case of cough, bronchitis and asthma the following remedies are useful:

Agave nectar: this is a natural remedy that is derived from the leaves of agave, which generally help to alleviate the difficulties in the respiratory organs, especially in severe inflammation accompanied by heavy breathing. This remedy is prepared with a small amount of the extract is put in a boiling water. The sick person should inhale (breathe) the steam. This extract can be purchased in pharmacies;

Camphor oil: take a certain amount of camphor oil, and massage the chest. In this way, you will eliminate the pain in the chest. The sick person soon enough will feel relief and will restore the ability to breathe;

Honey: drink lemonade mixed with honey. Honey can be added to any herbal drink, such as, for example, tea made from mint or anise;

Cushion for asthmatics: in the Western folk medicine is used a palm bark to make a cushion for persons with asthma. It is said that when a sick person sleeps on the pillow with palm bark, it will help in the treatment of the asthma attacks.

Colds can be treated by using the following plants:

Anise: this herb is particularly useful for treating colds. It is used as a sweet tea. The tea is prepared when thirty grams of powdered anise seeds are put in a cup of boiling water;

Barley: wash a small amount of barley (about sixty grams), then cook it in a half a liter of water. In this way prepare two quarts of barley water in which a lemon peel, carefully washed in water, is added. All this needs to cook until the water content is reduced by half (to remain one liter), after that a sixty grams of honey is added;

Yarrow: this plant belongs to those plants that ease the problems caused by cold. It can be taken in the form of tea which is prepared from dried leaves. Also, the tea can be mixed with other herbal drinks such as mint tea, etc.