Thyroid Gland Disease

These people need to deeply quaff the Gallium woodruff tea and the black mallow -Malva sylvestris tea. They also should put overlays from these herbs during the night. The herbs must be washed, smashed and put into a mash like an overlay. The same must be veiled. If you use dried herbs for the tea then afterwards you need to heat it and mix it with barley flour with adding little water and put this mixture on a bandage using it as an overlay. The same needs to be tied.

During the day you need you put steam overlay made of horsetail -Equisetum arvense L  (and the sick person must stay in bed) and keep the Sweden bitter overlay for 4 hours.

Besides this, these people must drink 1,5 to 2 liters of tea mixture from the same parts of marigold, yarrow plant Achillea millefolium and nettles each day, drop, by drop (put a small spoon of tea in quarter liter of water). From the daily quantity of this tea take three times half a cup and put a small spoon of Sweden bitter in it and half of it drink half an hour before, and half and hour after each meal.