Knowledge and Science

1. It is a plain fact that the human being is the most complex creature in the world.

2. Everyone knows that there are different types of tumor, even though it is still not established how this nodule is being created. Although each of the considered experts in this field has an opinion of his/ her own, the tumors are still present.

3. We all know that everyone who has a tumor had previously been exposed to some technical radiation, some dangerous radiations or some radiation caused by groundwater, and yet the science refuses to accept this as a reality.

4. And there are numerous cases where patients had been ill from cancer and any other allegedly incurable diseases, who had been cured after replacing the current place of sleeping and using the recommended juices and teas as part of the 36-day-fasting therapy. Not even one of the “scientists” (where the doctors can be listed, too) can’t describe the flow of the curing treatment, and yet there are many examples where the patients have been cured.

5. It is also well-known that the cancer is a specific independent nodule, even though the scientists don’t have an explanation why such a nodule is being created. If we think in this direction, we can also establish that the existence of the cancer is also not scientifically proven.

6. Thousands of people with cancer or leukemia have been successfully cured, more than 60.000, and what is even more interesting they have been cured by using the alternative medicine methods. There is really huge difference between the knowledge, the science and the practical results.

7. Even though almost all of the people with cancer or leukemia go to chemotherapies, surgeries and radiation the puzzle on a scientific basis is not resolved yet. Then why the same methods apply again and again, when they give no results?

8. There are scientists from different profiles that have accomplished significant results and success to whom an acknowledgment must be given, but there are also many scientists that can lead the entire world to some hopeless situations.