Green Fruit and Vegetables That Are Healthy

juice green
In the glass of juice has many health and nutritional benefits. Juice of fruits and vegetables has a lot of protein and vitamins. When it comes to nutritional aspects, fruit and vegetables are different. For example, it is often advised that fruit juices should be prepared in a juicer until the vegetable juice should be made with the mixer.

Either way, one thing is for sure – these juices provide you with a glass of good health. This time we bring you some green juices made ​​from fruits and vegetables. These juices are healthy, are low in calories and full of vitamins. Green juices are very nutritious. You can drink at any time of the day for weight loss and health improvement. Check out some of the juices.

1 Juice of Spinach

The juice of this leafy green vegetables can be a great treat for those who are on a diet. This juice is rich in vitamins and proteins. Drink a glass of boiled spinach juice in order to have a healthy body, skin, hair and eyes.

2 Juice of Kiwi

The juice of this fruit is healthy and tastes great. You can drink it with milk to get all the necessary nutrients and proteins.

3 Juice of Broccoli

Juice of green vegetables has many health and nutritional benefits . Many people regularly drink the juice of broccoli to get glowing skin and to fight against getting cancer .

4 Celery Juice

Juice of green vegetables has many health and medicinal properties. In addition to the fight against cancer , celery juice helps better digestion , lowers bad cholesterol and high blood pressure .