The following plants are useful for the treatment of allergies:
Licorice: a certain amount of licorice root is ground, boiled in water for ten minutes, strained and poured in a glass bottle. Take one tablespoon with each meal for a period of six days;
Parsley: this herb helps to lower the production of histamine (the chemical substance secreted by the body, which causes allergy symptoms). Because of this, the parsley is considered as a remedy that is active against histamine, and is used to treat allergies such as skin allergies, etc. Take two teaspoons of dried leaves, or roots, or a teaspoon of powdered seeds and put it in a cup of hot water. The mixture is then left to cool for ten minutes. Drink one cup, three times a day.

Allergy in the nostrils (nose)

In case of allergies of the nostrils, it is advisable to take honey and wax three times a week for several weeks, before it reaches to the worsening of the allergies, which often happens during the change of the seasons. Be persistent in consuming garlic on a daily basis, also some of the doctors advise to take extracts from garlic, six capsules a day.