For this unpleasant phenomenon you should drink a tea preparation of the mixture:
The mixture :
10 grams Scarlet Pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis)
10 grams Valeriana officinalis,
15 grams of the Cnicus Benedictus root
10 grams of lilac Syringa vulgaris,
15 grams  lady’s mantle; Alchemilla vulgaris
20 grams chamomile and
10 g Ruta graveolens (rue).

During the night in half a liter cold water keeps it like that 15 grams of this mixture and the next day cook it till it gets boiled. Stir it, take it away from fire and leave it for 3 minutes. When it gets a little cold wet a gauze with it and while the overlay still hot put it on closed eyes. Afterwards  put dried binding and stay still for a while.