Slimness and elegance

Nowadays, subjecting under aesthetic surgical procedures is very common because women want to achieve slimness and beauty. How girls and women can achieve this goal in a natural way, without undergoing surgical procedures?

First: before meal takes more green mint (mint) and then drink a cup of cold water in which a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is added.
Second: regularly, every day, eat one lemon.
Third: grind seeds of marjoram and regularly every day, take a half teaspoon with a little water.
Fourth: take a hundred grams of celery, grind it up and take a quarter of teaspoon with one glass of water before meals.

Fifth: eat barley bread instead of wheat bread (especially to substitute white bread and bagels) with sandarac (wood and resin) melted in a drink made from water with apple cider vinegar and honey in a ratio of 1:50. Take this before the meal.

Sixth: take bran, licorice (licorice root, licorice), sumac (Rhus), senna leaves (cassia), chamomile, myrobalan (cherry plum, wood specie) and sandarac (tetraclinis articulate, wood and resin) in the same proportion and grind them. Regularly take one teaspoon before lunch, and one before bedtime.