Bruises and injuries

For the treatment of bruises and injuries the following plants are useful:

cabbage: take fresh white leaves of cabbage and put it in a boiling water. Later, it is used as a compress placed on the swollen spot. Also, this is useful for removing the pus from the purulent wounds;

mountain arnika (Arnica Montana): this is the best plant on which we can rely for treating bruises and injuries. There are various products in the form of compresses and bathing products and can be purchased in the markets . The Arnica can also be used in a bath to treat the feet or hand (fist);

agrimony (agrimonia):  it is used as minced root or leaves for the preparation of compresses;

daisy (common daisy, bruisewort): these fantastic little flowers are often referred to as “grass for bruises” because of its beneficial effects on the bruises and injuries. In the treatment, the daisy is used by taking a certain amount of flowers, mixed with some vegetable oil (preferably with oil from wheat germ), then it is cooked and used in the form of compresses. You can also make a tea from the flowers of this plant;