If you constantly change the hair shampoos, put a big quantity of conditioner in order to make your hair more balanced, you cut it and take care of it regularly, but however it looks dry and lifeless, then you should look for the problem in the food you consume. As for many other conditions, the food is one of the most important factors for the health, and for the hair good look you should take the following products:
Canned salmon – it contains protein and omega 3 fatty acids for shiny hair. Good hair depends on the head healthy skin, so more omega 3 fatty acids give more shine to the hair and to the skin. Thus, feel free to eat canned salmon. Eat it with a salad.
canned salmon salad
Eat eggs – as one of the best sources of protein, it is recommended to eat more boiled eggs, because of keeping the weight balance.

Pastries of whole grain – it contains zinc and vitamin B. The substances in the complex carbohydrates make miracles for your hair. The whole grain consists many important vitamins and minerals. The zinc helps in the cell renewal and in the hair growth, but its lack of presence can lead to hair loss.
Spinach with tomato sauce – it contains iron and vitamin C. These are very important and crucial substances for the hair vitality. The iron transports the oxygen through the red blood vessels, and it is best to be combined with vitamin C that helps with the iron absorption.  The tomatoes and the tomato sauce are a great source of vitamin C, then follows the broccoli, peppers, squash etc. As more iron we take, as much oxygen  – it gives more shine and vitality to the hair.
Spinach tomato sauce
Nuts – they consist omega 3, zinc, selenium, etc that will effect on your hair as a natural mask, and what is more important the effect is inside the hair which is not the case with the other products, that are directly put on the hair.