Irregular menstruation

This happens due to hormonal disorders, heavy physical efforts, stress or problems. In this case as a medicine are mostly used the hormones estrogen or progesterone. However, the influence of these hormones is not permanent and does not remove the causes of disease. The treatment of this condition by natural means can be completed by massage of the temples, the seventh neck vertebrae, the ninth back vertebrae and the second and third vertebrae in the lower back. The following herbs should be put in water and given to the patient two times a day: three fingers sage, two fingers rosemary, two fingers chamomile and two fingers of Phacelia (phaceliascorpionweed ).

 Menstrual problems

Pains during the menstrual cycle especially occur in young girls due to the imbalanced structure of the pelvis with the spinal column or due to the cracks in the membrane that covers the organs. The treatment can be done with massage of the temples, the first and seventh vertebrae, the tenth back vertebrae and the vertebrae in the lower back. These herbs should be used with water and the drink should be given to the patient two or three times a day during the menstrual cycle: a finger basil, two fingers sage, two fingers marjoram, and four or five chamomile flowers.