Food poisoning

Food poisoning is treated by the following plants:

Rosemary: if you eat spoiled meat, it will cause food poisoning. It will lead to oxidation of the fat in the meat, which can be noticed by a very bad smell. It was found that the rosemary contains chemical substances, antioxidants, which makes it a plant with which you can protect the meat and prevent its putrescence. Numerous studies have shown that this way of protecting the food from oxidation is better than the effect of a number of substances that are used for food storage, such as BHT and BHA. To achieve this goal it can be used rosemary oil or its leaves. The leaves are ground, and then put on/in the food (meat, hamburger, tuna, macaroni, salad, potatoes and similar types of food). You must pay attention the leaves of rosemary to be taken with meals that are similar to its taste. Also, it is good to know that rosemary greatly helps in the process of the digestion of food;
Sage (common/garden sage): it has about the same effect as rosemary. It is used in the same way to keep the meat and other food that subject to oxidation;
Thyme: the studies regarding thyme have shown that this herb is effective against a large number of bacteria, as well as against the viruses that cause various diseases. This means that, if added to the food, prevents its putrescence, and therefore food poisoning. Having in mind this feature for disinfection, the thyme can be used as a medicine for disinfection of the wounds by taking a few fresh leaves and put it directly on the wound (injury);