Characteristics of olive

olives feta
Do you know the nutrition (food) qualities of the olives, as well as the substances that it contains?
The olive consists of the following elements: water (67%), olive oil (23%), protein (5%) and mineral salts (1%), of which the most important are the calcium and iron, and contains various types of significant vitamins (vitamins E and D, as well as vitamins B and C).

The olive contains a small amount of protein. If you eat it while it is green, it is useful for the brain, if you eat it black, after good ripening, then the olive oil and the proteins are with greater quality and in quantity. If from the olive we take a sufficient amount of oil, then there is nothing missing in the meal. It is advisable to eat olives with cheese, because the protein from the olives are not enough.

If you chew it, the olive leaves will relieve the sore palate and throat, because the juice from the leaves of the olive trees are very effective regarding these infections. The squeezed juice from the olive leaves is useful against warts, wounds and ulcers, because the olives contain substances that disinfect. The same juice can also be used as a rectal injection for wounds problem in the intestines.