6 Harmful Effects of the Long Time Sitting!

If you have a work in an office or work that demands long time sitting at one place, then that are bad news not only for your back but also for the whole organism.

The very long time sitting on the chair can lead to severe diseases, such as overweight and heart diseases.

Sitting also leads to sleep disorder, and the brain and organs function. It can also reduce your life. Namely, the women who sit more than six hours a day are exposed to 45% higher risk from death no matter of the reason and no matter of their physical activity.

This influences on your sleep. When you sit in one place with hours, the gravity and the lack of circulation can provoke the fluids to gather in the lower part of the legs.

Then when you go to sleep the fluid migrates to the muscles and the neck tissues and it can provoke swelling of the throat. This can lead to difficulties in the breathing and to stop it at all – condition in which you stop to breath for a short time during the night.

The blood sugar also suffers from the passive way of living. Always when you eat, the blood sugar increases and the lack of physical activity can be dangerous because the food is digested and stored and it is not burned. This can lead to diabetes type 2.

From long time sitting also suffer the lungs. As longer you sit without any movement, as slower circulation you will have which leads to coagulation of the blood in the lungs.

The solution is in every small movement that you can do.

A walk during the break time, moving in the office, after work activities such as domestic duties, gardening, walk in the city or to the supermarket etc, can contribute a lot in order to reduce the risk of the above mentioned conditions.

The time you dispose with use it for movement because it can make miracles for your health.