Nettle-miracle herb

Nettle is one of the best herbs  in the nature. People to know how curative power has this plant, they would cultivate only nettle in their gardens. Vary little percent of the population knows about the number of positive effects of this plant.

Nettle can be used as a medicinal herb, and capsules of dried leaves may be of particular use when combined with saw palmetto in the treatment of enlarged prostate. At our house we eat nettles as delicious steamed spring greens or make nettle tea at least until the plants get tough. Stinging nettle plants are also part of our deer deterrent planting scheme on the back side of the garden.

The whole plant of nettle is healing. You can use nettle stalk, leaves or nettle’s flower. If you suffer from eczema, drink tea of nettle. The eczemas will disappear and the headache will disappear too. Drink tea of nettle because this tea prevents sending in kidney (kidney stone) and bladder. With kidney sicknesses together goes headache.