For these people it is very important to avoid the special cleansers as much as possible. They should take 3 big spoons of flax seeds with a little liquor during each meal.

They can also use fig and prune but they must be consumed either before breakfast or during breakfast if a positive effect is wanted, and in the evening you can put them in a cold water and soften them while the next morning they should be heated.

A special cleansing effect can be achieved if you take a chicory Cichorium intybus tea, half or full cup. This tea helps even when people have the most complex hardships.
Strongly recommended advice is to take a walk, while regarding the food you should take a lot of fruit, vegetables and cereals.
The chicory Cichorium intybus blossoms are like blue stars. They have the most positive effect on the obesities i.e. people with weight problems.

Fig roll recipe: you need to wash 500 grams of dried figs, triturate them in a mill machine and then knead it with 15 grams of Cassia angustifolia/ senna leaves. Make a roll, wrap it in a foil and keep it in a fridge. For adults it is strongly recommended to take a piece big as hazelnuts (and for children the quantity must be three times smaller) each morning.