5 Tips for Losing Weight in the Summer
summer diet
There are a few rules that will help you use the summer and the summer foods in the service of your beauty and health.

These eating habits will not only help you look good, but at the same time will fill your body with vitamins and other ingredients required for the smooth functioning of your body .

Summer nutrition

● First and the most important rule: eat fruits and vegetables . The summer is the season of delicious fruits and vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches, which contain a lot of water, and are low in calories.

Tomatoes and peppers provide 40 % of the daily need for vitamin C, and 20 % of the vitamin A

Fruits and vegetables like the mango , pineapple , garlic , beets , spinach and radishes , will increase the body temperature , so it will be better if you avoid these foods in the summer and consume them in colder days .

● Breakfast, lunch and dinner: Do not skip the breakfast , and cereals are the best choice for a good breakfast. Before the main meal it would be wise to make a soup because the soup is low in calories, and will also make you eat less from the main meal .

● Summer salads are quick and healthy meals without a special recipe – the best one is the salad that you love the most. Use your favorite fruits or vegetables, non-fat cheese, tuna salad, etc. You can also add a little olive oil or lemon juice.

You can also drink yogurt between meals, and some recent studies have shown that this dairy product is very helpful for losing weight.

Low-fat drinks

● Due to the high temperatures during the summer we drink a lot of fluids. But we often forget that those beverages have a lot of calories because they contain a lot of sugar. The best choice is always the water. You can also add some lemon to the water to add some flavor and make it more refreshing .Fresh juices prepared at home are also a good choice.