Bloody EyeEye Disorders

Overexertion of the eye, exposure to unhealthy influences (such as the lack of required sleep) leads to occurrence of redness (bloodshot eyes) in the white part of the eye (the sclera). How this redness can be treated?

First: Keep your eyes from excessive drying. Despite the fact that this is unusual phenomena, except when the eyes turn red because of the insufficient sleep, you should try to rest on regular bases. Keeping your eyes closed for seven or eight hours during rest (sleep) helps to re-establish the vital functions of the eye and to remove the dryness that occurs when a person does not have enough sleep which, again, leads to the occurrence of redness in the eyes.

Second: Make sure the eyelids are sound. If the eyelids are red when you wake up, then there is a problem with your eyelids, not with the eyes. This is called inflammation of the eyelids. It can be treated by washing the eyelids with warm water in the evening, before going to bed. They should be cleaned of all kinds of oils (grease), bacteria, makeup and mascara for eyelashes.

Third: Reduce the use of makeup. Makeup contains substances that are bad for the eyes and which enhance the appearance of redness in the eyes, which lead to damage (rupture) of the blood vessels (capillaries) in the eyes, which in its natural state brings back the natural look and color of the sclera.

Fourth: Use artificially produced eye drops that do not cause rupture of the blood vessels in the eye. Do you leave for work with rested eyes, and return with red eyes? This means that you have a problem with redness in the eyes that occurs during the day and causes dryness.

Fifth: Moisturize (wash) the eyes. Use cold water to rinse and put cold pads on the eyelids. The cold has a beneficial effect on the blood vessels of the eye and has no harmful effects, and, in addition, the water will increase the humidity of the eye.