Speedwell Veronica Officinalis

This curative  plant is flowering from May to August. This curative plant is used with the others tease for cleaning the blood and together with the fresh nettle leaves is curing chronic eczemas. Persons that have problems with stomach should use this plant because has positive effects on the stomach and bowels.

This family contains 250 species of annuals, which are most diverse in the northern temperate zones, with fewer species in tropical mountains. Most are creeping or spreading plants that sometimes strike roots as they spread. They are excellent plants for use as ground covers or in rockeries and their masses of long blooming flowers can be used to good effect in border plantings. Summer and spring are the flowering season for this plant. The Veronicas leaves tend to be small, oval , often shallowly toothed and rarely lobed. A few species have solitary flowers but more often upright spikes bearing many flowers develop in spring and summer. These plants are mostly hard and are easily grown. Veronica has curative function of nerves that is a consequence of  psychical overstrain.

A couple of tea of veronica every evening before you sleep with his relaxation effect is very useful. This tea should you drink before sleep. Keeping in mind will be better and the dizziness will disappear. Veronica mixed with root of celery can help about depression and helps for jaundice, send in kidney (kidney stone) and knuckles aches that are a result of rheumatism.