Why We Need the Best Health Insurance for us

Lately conversations are filled with talk about the upcoming Health Care change. The new Affordable Care Act, also referred to as ObamaCare, mandates that all Americans get health care coverage. The act is particularly geared towards younger and healthier people ensuring that they have health care.

“Like auto insurance, health insurance is a service you pay for but hope you will never need. It’s there or the unpredictable, unexpected and fundamentally uncontrollable problems that come up in people’s lives,” said Dr. Molly Cooke of the American College of Physicians and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

President Obama was recently feature on comedian Zach Galifinakis’s show, Between Two Ferns. Galifinakis jokingly made remarks about the President “plugging” the Afforable Health Care Act. Between Two Ferns is geared towards and watched by a younger audience.

The new law helps those who have previously been unable to get health care coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition or for financial reasons. Under the new Affordable Healthcare Act, consumer cannot be denied health insurance due to a pre-existing condition.