Healing sinus inflammation

There are many herbs whose use is recommended. Among the others included are: burdock, juniper, small marshmallow, rosemary, head lettuce, thyme, common thyme, forest sage. Make a water solution for drinking. Sometimes the water solution of some herbs can be used for outdoor needs, such as those from red everlasting or celandine.

Healing sinus inflammation

The patient should drink a water solution of three grams thyme, two grams hyacinth and two grams eucalyptus. Also, the patient should do inhalation on evaporation of chamomile flowers.

HERBS AND BONE MASSAGE Nose and sinus inflammation Sensitivity (susceptibility to disease) Skin sensitivity (allergy)

Nose and sinus inflammation
For treatment of this kind sensitivity we can massage the skull, the first and seventh neck vertebrae, the first, third and fourth back vertebrae and the first four ribs.

In water we put the following herbs and then give the drink to the patient two times a day: three fingers thyme, two fingers eucalyptus, two fingers lavender and two fingers mint. For the patient it is best to rinse the nose with a solution of chamomile flowers.

Sensitivity (susceptibility to disease)
Sensitivity affects the human due to small changes in the elements balance in the organism. These changes influence on the process of antibody production in the organism, that leads to increased sensitivity and weak resistance of the organism (immunity).Same is the case with the asthma, the cold, the sinus inflammation, as well as with some kinds of acute itching, stomach inflammation and headache. Temples massage is a useful type of treatment for sensitivity, and for the herbs we recommend berries, rosemary and thyme.

HERBS AND BONE MASSAGE Skin sensitivity (allergy)

Sometimes the skin can suffer from allergy on some substances that we have previously mentioned. For this kind of sensitivity it is useful to massage the temples and to use herbs that heals a certain kind of sensitivity.

In water we put two fingers mint, two fingers juniper, two fingers sage and two fingers saffron. This drink is given to the patient two times a day.