Medical issues with breasts

breast cancer and tumors
We will discuss some of the medical issues with breasts and how they are treated.

Inflammation of the breast: this is the most common occurrence. Sometimes it occurs in lactating women who have no breast milk (the breast does not produce enough milk). The symptoms of inflammation are pain in the breast and skin redness. For the treatment of these health problems compresses with an extract of peach can be used.

Clogged milk ducts in the breast: this usually happens to women when breastfeeding who do not have enough milk. To treat the problem prepares a compress of finely ground leaves of fresh parsley.

Pain in the breast: for the pain in the breast, in general, a pack of mint tea can be used.

Carrots: to treat the cracked nipple use fresh peeled carrots from which a compress is prepared.

Yarrow: the juice or tea from this plant is smeared on the sore nipples on the breasts.