High blood pressure

The following plants are a natural remedy for high blood pressure:

Garlic: it is considered as the oldest natural remedies for high blood pressure (it can regulate a small or medium high blood pressure). The doctors agree that the 1-3 arlics of fresh garlic a day (in the morning) are the appropriate dose for the treatment of high blood pressure. The garlic can be taken in other ways, for e.g. is cut into small pieces that are taken with a glass of water. It can be added in the lettuce, and also we can make a sandwich with carrots and garlic;

Dock: tea made from this plant, if a dose of a few cups a day is taken, it helps to reduce the high blood pressure;
Parsley: the parsley leaves and seeds (fruits arising after forming the buds) contain liquid oil which, is more present in the seeds than in other parts of the plant. This plant also contains two very important ingredients: apiol and myristicin. Thanks to them, the parsley acts as a diuretic (for urinating) which is why it is considered as the cure for high blood pressure, as well as irregular heartbeat accompanied with swelling of the feet. The parsley also heals the intestine. In addition, it contains chlorophyll in the highest quality format, and therefore is used to eliminate the unpleasant breath from the mouth (which is eliminated by chewing parsley).