Cleansing the body of toxic substances (detoxification) and the removal of other harmful substances

There are different ways to cleanse the body of toxic substances. This process is called detoxification. Among the most common causes of ingestion of toxic substances in the body include taking unclean food and breathing polluted air. In addition to toxic substances, there are also a variety of other harmful substances. Some species of plants accelerate the process of sweating of the body, which is one of the ways where the body, through sweat, ejects the toxic substances. There are other ways of removing, cleaning and washing of different organ systems in the body, and one of them is to take a large amount of water every day. For this purpose, the following plants are useful:

apple: modern studies have confirmed that pectin, which the apple has, especially in its peel, cleans the body of toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury and others. In addition, the apple has other medicinal properties;

basil and carnation: the carnation mixed with sweet basil detoxifies the body of heavy metals. It is best to use these herbs mixed in equal proportions;

peach: several chopped peaches are cooked in hot water in order to obtain a tea with intensive red color. This tea is kept in the fridge and drunk regularly in small doses in order to achieve the removal of the unwanted effects of the artificial remedies. This tea can be used for other purposes, and can be taken in the form of subcutaneous injection for the removal of toxic substances;

oat: the oatmeal is mixed with boiled banana and it is used as a compress for wound disinfection, i.e. to neutralize the harmful microorganisms from the entire body.